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Ekal Abhiyan

“Ekal Abhiyan” (The One Teacher School Movement) gives primary education to the under privileged children to the mainstream of life through taking education to their doorstep in rural & tribal villages. Basic primary education to children in these remote villages would enable them access to further higher education. Even if some students cannot move further for whatever reasons, the basic education of reading, writing, arithmetic and awareness on hygiene, cleanliness, local sports, rights, moral values etc. would equip them suitably to live a better life. Need for arranging formal education were manifold like infrastructure and trained teachers which were not easy to manage, the former for financial constraints and later for availability of trained teachers from the same areas. Arranging teachers from outside was (and still is) not a feasible option for the teachers not well versed with local language and dialect were not capable of communication with children nor were facilities available for their stay in these remote areas or for commuting from nearby towns. 

M/S Cantabil Retail India Private Limited has sponsored such identified 50 villages for supporting the education program through Ekal schools for a period of financial year (1st April 2020 to 31st March, 2021).


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